Happy for No Reason

I was running low on energy and patience today. I crawled into bed for about an hour and read my library book. It’s called Happy for No Reason. I was attracted to the title. Even if it was in the self-help section at the library. Is it weird that the self-help section is literally RIGHT BESIDE the line to check-out?

So I almost gave up on the whole book when I read the fine print on the cover. The author was one of the contributors to The Secret, which has always seemed like a borderline-scam to me. I decided to read it anyway because, well, I like the idea of being happy for no reason. And the more I read, the more I saw that at least some of the statements she’s making she can back up with credible sources and research. I’m actually pretty interested now.

I’m a little nervous about actually trying some of the techniques, but I do like the idea of learning how not to be a victim by blaming others and of learning how to avoid complaining and focusing on the negative. I think I’m going to try one of the ideas to start. I’m going to start trying to believe that the universe supports me.

When I think that thought already I feel a little lighter, less burdened, less terrified.

I’m still struggling today, but I promised I’d write something honest every day so here I am. I’m struggling.

But I’m going to keep struggling. There’s still hope. I haven’t given up.


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