Everything’s better in Purple

So I’ve been on a cleaning/decluttering spree the last couple of days. I actually purged all 3 hall closets AND decluttered the pile of junk in the living room. It was rad. 🙂 I TOTALLY FILLED UP the back of my Cr-V with stuff for Goodwill. Yay! FlyLady would be so proud. It definitely helps the motivation level when I get dressed immediately after getting up. (Like FlyLady says to!!!)

Anyway, so Jack & I had to go by G & W’s this morning. Dropped off W’s birthday present (a month or so ago I knitted him a purple hat with a neon green question mark double-knitted on) which he loved. Cool.

But on the way home, Jack & I had to swing by Goodwill to, you know, empty out the back of my Cr-V. So we filled up like 3 carts with stuff and got our receipt. And I convinced him to go inside to look for some bulletin boards. (I need at least 1 and W needs one too). Well, I didn’t find any but that’s TOTALLY OKAY because I found the muthafuckin shit yo!

We were literally ready to leave. We were walking towards the door. I was only half-looking at the coats, I swear! It was just out of the corner of my eye that I spotted at the end of the rack some purple wool.


Have I mentioned that I LOVE all things purple?

“Hang on a sec babe!” I say over my shoulder as I’m already turning to further investigate.

It was a muthafuckin beautiful tailored purple wool peacoat

I held it up to kind of look at it closer – I think I was searching for the defect. Why it would be butt-ugly to see on someone else.

“Oh totally, honey,” Jack’s voice almost surprises me, “That is so you,” (This reads way gayer than it sounded.)

I tried it on. It fit!

“How much- oh nevermind. It doesn’t matter.” Jack said.

No shit, it didn’t matter. (It was $16.99) That shit was all mine the second I saw the purple wool.

I already have a peacoat. A cranberry red one from Cabela’s that my ex-hubs#1 bought for me for Christmas the year before we split up. It is SUPER WARM yo. But it’s not flattering really. And it’s definitely not make-me-super-happy-with-attendant-giggles pretty.

Like my pretty new purple pea coat is. Yay!


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