Get my Crafty On!

It’s amazing how when you start to feel better each day gets a little easier and you start to enjoy things again. I’ve been rediscovering the entire process of “enjoying doing things”. I think that I had to start with “doing things” before I could move on to “enjoying doing things”.

Well, it’s been awhile since I did anything crafty. I haven’t worked on any knitting, sewing or anything like that in weeks. *Note: “loss of enjoyment in activities” is a classic symptom of depression. When I haven’t done anything crafty in weeks-months, something is wrong with me. I think everyone has something like this.*

Well, I broke that streak this weekend. Appropriately with the Beanlet.

I think a couple of different things spurred me back into my enjoyment of all things crafty. First, I got my craft area cleaned up. There’s workspace again. And both Beanlet and I have been keeping it clean. It’s way more inspiring to work on a project when you have a table top on which to do so! Secondly, I’ve enjoyed spending more hands-on time with the Beanlet as I’ve come out of my fog. Crafts are great for us because it’s something we can do together and I can teach her. We have a blast doing it and her attention span for these kinds of projects has expanded a ton in the last year or so.

It started when I gave her her allowance for the week. She wanted to buy candy and needed a wallet to put her money in. I asked if she wanted to make one. So we did. (it’s not done yet — oh well) Friday night we drew a template, picked out fabric and cut it out. Saturday evening (she had a birthday party to go to most of the day), we glued the layers together to make it strong.

Unfortunately, we used a lot of glue so it needed some time to dry. After I explained this to Beanlet, she asked if we could make monsters instead.

We haven’t made any monsters in over a year. But it used to be fun and now she’s a little older so she should be able to help more. So we started doing that. Beanlet even cut her monster out herself and sewed it all together with a sewing machine by herself. (Okay, well, I threaded the machine and showed her what to do and I had to watch REALLY closely, but she did the majority of it).

So of course since Beanlet was making a monster, I had to make one too – to show her how to do it, you know. Okay, I admit it, I just love making monsters too. So, here’s the newest addition to my monster family:

This is Fred. He’s a Super Hero.

It feels good being creative and crafty again. And even better to share it with Beanlet. I CAN be a good mom. Go me.


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