It all started innocently enough:

(She's so witty - and right...)

ME TOO! I know! RIGHT?!?!?

I love Aunt Becky. She makes me giggle so much. So I read it out loud to Jack. Because I do that ALL THE TIME when I’m reading something I find funny, online or IRL. I know BroHam isn’t much of a fan of this habit, but Jack at least tolerates it.*

Jack: Yeah! Totally! Or better yet, Van Halen could do a song… you know like “I’m Hot for Teacher” — they could do like “I’m Hot for Algebra!”

Me: *Giggling*

Jack: You know, it’d totally be all David Lee Roth, spandex, phallic Greek symbols, and the quadratic equation!

Me: Seriously? That kind of sounds like the 8th circle of hell!

Jack: Math class.

I love him. And Aunt Becky, since she’s the cause of it all… yay…

Merry Christmas, y’all!

* While I was typing this sentence, Jack interrupted me and made me read some Seahawks stat on the screen. Then he explained some kind of complex football anomaly that just happened to me. Then, Jack thanked me for listening to his random rant about football… we’re so alike it’s scary sometimes.


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