An update on Life in General

I’ve been away, Internet… away dealing with the throes of unemployment, depression & in general a lot of Things That Suck.

I really am trying though…

So here’s an update:

I went back on meds… it was a necessary decision. I was blowing up in people’s faces. Over nothing. And going catatonic over it immediately afterward. They seem to be kicking in now (it’s been about 2.5 weeks) and I’m lucky that my doc didn’t consider it necessary to start me on a lower dose. She just jumped me in at my former, high dose… yay for chemistry!

I did get a part-time job. 12 hours a week as a personal assistant. It’s working out really well and I actually really dig it. The guy I work for is really sweet and generous and appreciates what I do so it doesn’t get much better than that 🙂

Jack got a part-time job too — as a custodian at our church. It’s only about 12 hours a week too, but it’s income and I’m stoked about it.

Bro-Ham still sits at home playing Call of Duty most of the time. But oh well…

Beanlet is doing great though! She’s SO FRIGGIN SMART! And her cochlear implant is starting to show us a lot of benefit. She responds to a lot more environmental noise than she ever has before. And she’s now in a Campfire troop – which is great. She loves it and the kids in the troop love her. We’re teaching a few signs to the kids related to the topic each night and it’s going really well.

I’ve applied to go back to school to become an ASL Interpreter. Have to wait for financial aid to come through – and I won’t hear about that until the end of summer. I’m really hoping that I might be able to get student loans to cover living expenses for awhile, but I’m not holding my breath. So I’m looking for a 2nd part-time job and pimping myself out as a Quickbooks consultant wherever I can…

I’ve been continuing my reading on Happiness and Joy and Transformation… I’m currently reading a book called The Gifts of Imperfection and it’s AMAZING. I’ll write more about that soon.

And I’m still really involved in our church. I love being a UU. I’m thinking about running for the Board next year but in the meantime I’m learning a lot about myself, about leadership and all kinds of stuff. Ex-hubs#1 thinks it’s a cult with no value, but I’m getting enormous value from it. And Beanlet likes going. She’s made so many great friends there…

Anyway, thank you for understanding while I took my little hidey-hole holiday from the Internet. I will do better in the future 🙂

Wishing everyone a great day!!!


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