Kids?!? Dressing themselves?!?!? You must be joking!!!

So in the last few weeks, I have started to pick up Beanlet from her dad’s house every morning at 7am and take her to school at 9. Usually, she gets dressed at Dad’s house because, well, she sleeps there and Dad doesn’t want her to travel in her pjs. Fine. Whatever.

But every other Monday, now, she wakes up at my house, I take her to speech therapy, and then to school. So she gets dressed at my house.

Awhile back, I made her two adorable little peasant skirts from a pattern in a book. Basically, it was a lesson on gathering so there are ruffles on each side. She really loves these skirts. But I don’t really have clothes that match well because they’re patchwork…

So, when she’s at my house, she always wants to wear these skirts. For warmth, I insist that she wear warm tights and long sleeves (but of course there are matching issues). So anyway. Yesterday morning, she asked to wear the skirt. The mostly-purple skirt got paired with a mostly purple long sleeved shirt and brown-ish Christmas tights.

I really don’t care that much about matching. She loves the skirt and gets compliments on it and that’s that in my mind.

Well, fast forward to yesterday afternoon. Dad got off work a little early so I picked Beanlet up from school and delivered her directly to Dad’s house.

“are you fucking kidding me?” He says.


“She looks like a goof, Katie”

Yeah. That conversation did not go well.

Neither did the one later on.

The third one went better. But it still wasn’t fun.

Basically, due to the exact nature of the circumstances in our lives right now, this is a battle I can’t win. As much as I want to cheer Beanlet on for dressing however she wants to – even for school – and being proud of herself no matter what and not caring what other people think, the circumstances are such that I have to cave to Dad on this one.

So Beanlet’s going to match everyday for school. He won’t make a big deal of what she wears anywhere else or any other time but it’s important to him that her clothes fit, be in good repair, warm enough, and match. Everyday for school.

I’m going to have to buy some stuff that matches those skirts I guess.

In the meantime, I really want to know: What do other Mom’s think?

Do you think your kids should be able to wear whatever they want whenever they want to? Do you encourage your kids to be eccentric in public if they choose to be? Or do you actively teach them to dress appropriately for occasions? Do you have any limits on your kids’ outfits? At what age do you let them do their own thing?

I really wanna know people! Give me some collective wisdom here!!!

More soon, Sorry for lagging lately…


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2 responses to “Kids?!? Dressing themselves?!?!? You must be joking!!!

  • TGNP

    Okay, not to inundate you with comments, but I had to weigh in on this one.

    If you ask my son (who is 3) what his favorite color is, his response is “black!” Neither my husband or I are gothic emo people. There is a LOT of color in our house. But invariably, if you ask the kiddo what color he wants of any item, his answer will almost always be “black”. We’ve had daycare teachers ask us “Did you know his favorite color is BLACK??” to which either of us will reply “Yes. What’s your point?”

    To tie it in with your story, he was allowed to pick out his own outfit to wear to the mall playground the other day and picked a black t-shirt, black shorts, white crew socks and black “Lightning McQueen” light-up shoes. He definitely stood out on the playground, in the midst of all the colorful prints and solids but we didn’t care.

    I agree that kids should be able to pick whatever they want to wear, though they should also be taught how to match colors and patterns so that they have the ability to blend in if necessary. But kudos to you for the skirts! They sound awesome!

  • rohese

    I think of your Beanlet when I read this:

    Also, I fully support her wearing anything she wants (as long as it’s weather appropriate and covers the bits society has deemed must be covered). She’ll be caught in fashion soon enough.

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