Yee Haw tiny leprechaun

Yes, he's chained down.

There were a few of these along the routes we walked.

Jack concluded that the only possibility was that drunken leprechauns had tied up their tiny horses to look for a place to pee and then gotten lost on the way back. Definitely what happened.


Not sure where this leprechaun went off to, but I'm sure it was important


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2 responses to “Yee Haw tiny leprechaun

  • TGNP

    HA! That’s so bizarre!

    At the flea market the other day, my 3-yr-old son picked up a toy bicycle and said “Mama, what’s this?” I said, “Those are bicycles for VERY VERY SMALL people.” He looked at the bicycle inside its plastic packaging and said “How do they get it out?” I said “They have to get big people to open it for them.”

    • Katya

      That’s adorable! I love it! My Beanlet is obsessed with leprechauns. One day, she “caught” one in a sippy cup and she interpreted what he was saying for me. Classic!

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