Wow! My house is clean! And I might have a future after all!!!

So I guess this is what mania might feel like. Or maybe a mixed episode. But it’s not negative. Well, the negative thoughts are there, but the activity level has gone through the roof! Damn, I’m fucking exhausted. But I’m trying to hang on a little bit longer so I don’t wake up at some asinine hour in the *alleged* morning. (I am not convinced that 3am should be considered morning. Nor should 5am for that matter. Maybe 6, but that’s borderline. It is dark out, it is night… end of rant)

So in the last week or so, I have enrolled for massage therapy school, cleaned my entire fucking house (well except the basement but that’s a monster for like a 3 week project with man help), stayed connected with my closest friends, AND made a fucking awesome cover for my Kindle.

On a very slightly longer timeline, I’ve finished 2 books and started a 3rd. Read two magazines (CHECK OUT One Story in the Amazon Kindle Store! It’s one short story by a different author each month! Followed by a brief interview with the author. LOVED this month!), helped to plan my boss’s wife’s funeral and perform in it last minute, I’ve joined the Worship Committee at church which is all about planning the Sunday service (unfortunately The Doll Ladies are on Worship but I’m going to try to work with them kindly).

But massage school — of course everyone wants to hear about massage school. I was talking to my 16-year-old-BFF and her boyfriend who we’ll call Fezzik because he’s huge. Not like Andre the Giant huge. Like Native American big dude huge. He’s half native/half Mexican actually. Awesome guy! He’s got the patience of a saint with W, which is a HUGE help to Jack and I when we need to get things done or just have a break from W’s sometimes often manic behavior.

Anyway, Fezzik and I decided to enroll in massage therapy school together. We got student loans to pay for it and classes start November 28! I’m super excited…

Things are on the upswing…


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