Thoughts on “God”

I was scrolling through old FB posts and came across something I wrote in 2011. In an effort to save it from the will of Mark Zuckerberg, I am posting it here:

If God is all-powerful, He still created a universe based on balance. Without the bad, there would be no need for compassion, empathy or forgiveness. We must accept that an omnipotent God has created everything – including the virus that plagues us and the fly that bothers us and the paramecium we evolved from. God may not value things the same way we do. Also, the best of humanity rises from adversity. If there were no evil, there would be no freedom to make a mistake or to rebel or to drop out of high school. And there would be no need to learn from those who are leaving us or to give to charity or to work for justice. We live in an interconnected world with butterflies causing tornadoes and one man’s delusion bringing down a government. We are affected by those we have not met and those who move in and out of our lives whether those effects were intended or not. History is changed by individuals as much as by any understanding of a deity. Lastly, you forget those of us who identify as theists, deists and other non-christian understandings of a god or gods. Because I look at the wonder of the world and imagine an omnipotent being that not only designed the innermost details of nature AND the evolutionary process I believe occurred between Creation and today, I feel compelled to sometimes offer that Creator glory and praise. Something caused the Big Bang. But I don’t understand a Creator of that magnitude caring about the innate details of my private thoughts and fantasies. And a Creator may have designed the Universe and set it into motion, but the world today has been shaped as much by people as by anything else. And in my experience, people are affected more by each other than by a Creator from light years ago. And we may not understand the full nature of reality, but I believe that someday I will — whether because humanity’s understanding reaches a point where I will learn and understand it, or because I will have an opportunity at some unspecified future time to ask a manifestation of the Creator to explain it to me. I have faith that one day I will understand. Until then, I will continue to search for the right truth for me. A truth that explains my experience. But because my experience is different from yours, and because my perspective differs from yours, I am not less than. I am not stupid, a heathen or whatever. We all deserve the right to understand the nature of the world/Universe/Creation/God for ourselves. $hit happens sometimes for sure. But it’s what happens next that shows us our true nature.


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