Katya’s Story (Some of it)

Some facts about me: I just started my 30s – not really happy about it, but accepting anyway. I live in an old house (1930s at the latest) with my boyfriend, Jack, his half-brother,W, and a couple of evenings a week & every other weekend my daughter. My daughter, Beanlet, is 7 years old and deaf. She got a cochlear implant a year ago but ASL is her primary language.

I work extremely part-time. Jack does freelance landscaping and gardening and has a part-time job at our UU church. We spend a lot of time on the ‘net, playing games, and playing xbox. I am also a HUGE crafter, though some days I enjoy reading about other people’s crafts than I do actually making my own…

We are also working toward turning our home into an urban farm. We have plans for all kinds of food plants next year (this years were smaller because we started them in the old apartment) plus *hopefully* chickens in the spring and eventually I want bees.

Thank you for stopping by! I enjoy hearing from readers, so please leave me a comment…I promise to read them all & will often respond… I ♥ the Internet community!


One response to “Katya’s Story (Some of it)

  • mariasrandomrants

    Just visiting. Nice blog. I subscribed. I’m interested to hear how your story turns out, or rather how your journey plays out. You seem to have a real positive, with a touch of sass, perspective on things and that’s great.

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